Video Bingo Powermania


In this game you compete with up to 4 cards of 15 numbers in the same round. This means there are a total of 60 balls on the wheel, 30 of which will be drawn to win your prize.

This means you have 12 chances to win. Best of all, prizes can be up to 1,500 times your stake.

If you’re just one number away from a big win, extra balls are offered. You can request up to 10 extra balls after the initial draw.

There is also the possibility that some extra balls are free. In the game you can also find the Z-ball. With it you can choose the number that will be drawn.

There is also an accumulated jackpot for you. This jackpot goes to the one who uses 30 balls or less to complete a full deck.

There is a sequence that unlocks the game’s bonus with guaranteed super prizes. In addition to the bonus prize, you also get 600 times your bet amount.

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How to play Powermania Video Bingo

Video Bingo

Any questions on how to play Powermania video bingo? Then come with us and follow our tutorial.

You should start by defining the amount of each credit of your bets. Then, choose the amount of those credits that will be bet per card.

You can play up to four cards at the same time. Then select the amount and, if desired, change the numbers on the cards.

Pay attention to the automatic marking of the cards. The numbers marked “X” are the ones that were drawn. The numbers that are filled in blue indicate a prize.

Also look out for the flashing red and yellow numbers. If they are drawn you will complete a winning sequence.

Note that extra balls are offered whenever you are close to a big win. You can buy some or start another round.

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Video Bingo Powermania theme, design and graphics

Video bingo Powermania is another game with a classic theme developed by Zitro Interactive. With it you have the best online bingo environment.

The game has chosen to work the primary colours in the design, this makes the layout of the elements very pleasant.

The graphics quality of this video bingo is excellent and its details are all very well designed. A light and high resolution game.

How to win at Powermania Video Bingo


To win in Powermania you need to know the strategies of the professionals. For that, we bring you important tips on how to win.

The game has a medium volatility. This means that both the amounts and the frequency of the prizes vary a lot.

You can start by betting smaller amounts until you feel confident. But it is important to increase the values little by little to make a profit.

A very important point is to always play with four cards. This saves you time and significantly increases your chances.

It’s worth taking some risks with the extra balls, which are usually cheap. Do this whenever you’re close to a big win.

But to become an expert, you need practice. So play Powermania video bingo for free on our site without having to register.

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