Fun and profit go hand in hand in eSports betting

The practice of online betting has never been so high. For this reason, we have selected the main concepts of this type of game so that you can stay informed and learn how to make the best bets.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports are a kind of emulators, which have the same basis as real games, whatever the sport. The quality of presentation of these competitions has become better and better.

The most interesting thing is that betting is very dynamic, as the matches are usually always between three and four minutes long. The options available range from football to dog racing.

It is noteworthy that several possibilities are used to give the results of the matches or races. The names of the clubs and players are generic, but there is a certain connection to the real ones.

This type of betting has grown a lot and still has enormous potential to continue, precisely because of the pandemic that paralysed traditional sports championships for a few months and opened up new opportunities for betting fans.

History of virtual sports

bet on virtual sports

Although online bookmakers offer this type of betting, the history is much longer. It is almost 50 years of virtual and mechanical evidence. It all started in the UK in the 1970s.

The first machine built for the purposes of sports betting was a horse racing simulation. The machine offered the lanes and the bettor chose from the available options which horse would finish first.

The operation of these machines did not have the same technology found today. But, they had toothed belts that worked to move the horses from the beginning to the end of the race, with a variation of intensity, so that there were different winners.

If you are curious to know more closely how this all works, try picking up a console or a computer game. Select the match simulation option, without choosing a side to control.

That way you will experience how artificial intelligence works in games. For sure, the results will be different at every opportunity.

Differences between virtual games and eSports

eSports betting

In eSports, real players control the matches, whether in shooting games or other modality, so they do not need the artificial intelligence of the game in question. Virtual games, on the other hand, depend 100% on artificial intelligence since the matches are simulated.

The virtual sports matches can be viewed directly on the bookmaker’s website, unlike eSports events, which usually take place on specific platforms. Both present themselves as a fun and very broad form of betting.

Modalities of virtual sports

If it all started with horse racing, little by little other sports have been inserted, leading even more people to get to know the style. Offers several types of championships. They can be found, tennis, football, car racing, basketball, tennis…

Football is the flagship. It has four specific leagues, which use major real competitions as a basis, which are the UEFA Champions League, the EURO, the World Cup and the English Championship.

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