I want to wake up each day and face the world with the unbridled optimism of Jaden Yuki

Said "hey beautiful" to gf this morning and the Google home thought I was talking to it. Truly we live in a nightmare,

Irrationally pissy this morning because my housemate wrote "homemade sauce stuff" on his grocery list on the whiteboard. You're making the sauce. At home. OBVIOUSLY it's going to be homemade sauce ya FUCK

Happy international nonbinary people's day and also national mac n cheese day

*puts a beard on my animal crossing character* ah... gender euphoria

@rmsugarcandy I told myself I was going to get into cold water swimming this past winter after reading/ watching a bunch of Finnish media but I never got around to it...

The well-loved and the replacement.... same model, many years apart

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if anyone hasn't yet signed the petition asking to extend the extra $600 per week please consider it! Both of the fields I worked in are functionally gone until there's a vaccine & it could be a literal lifesaver for many of us.

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as you grow up your Baby Pronouns fall out and your adult ones grow in

EXTREMELY important update to the wildlife sightings chart!

Beans & socks, a picture of gay apocalypse domesticity🍃​


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