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My plan for today was to wake up and clean my house after breakfast. I got up at 7 AM. It's 1 PM now, I've taken a nap already and become crushed under the weight of my own thoughts and I have cleaned nothing so far.

Me: I made us food but I can't eat now and I have to lie down.
Jac: Okay. Do you want me to put it away after I take what I want?
Me: That would be helpful.

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general PSA, not about anything specific:

you don't have to sit and "listen" to everyone online. they are not entitled to your attention. blocking someone on the internet is not telling them to shut up. blocking someone is not censoring them. it is getting up and walking away and you are allowed to do that.

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Melania Trump tore out the trees, the vibrant flowers, planted hedges, and paved over part of the Rose Garden.

She is disgusting.

And this was done to make the garden easier for Trump to use for cameras and photo ops.



One of my friends hasn't worked in five years and just got $13,000 through retroactive pandemic unemployment insurance. My other friend and her boyfriend both got denied and are selling scrap metal to eat. I want to burn this country to the ground. ☺️

Jac: Thanks for cooking. That was quick. I would have taken way longer.
Me: Yeah you do take kind of a long time haha.
Jac: To me, it's an art.
Me: Same here but I'm Jackson Pollock.

Tuesday the 18th is my grandma's 80th birthday and my 35.5 (half) birthday. Exciting times!

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