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**‘The world is watching’: Amnesty report details human rights violations by US police during racial justice protests**

"In a report titled “The World is Watching,” Amnesty International USA revealed on Tuesday that U.S. police violated the human rights of protesters, medics, journalists, and other people at l…"


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Waiting for the storm to fully hit, playing bass, drinking wine, watching a post punk documentary, and happy the cats have stopped screaming for dinner.

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You’re a moron if you think children should go back to school right now.

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Monthly Zoom meeting for the tarot course I'm taking just wrapped up. I love that everyone has stacks of books and fun things in the background; much better than other types of Zooms. And the instructor's cat sat on her cards at least once. ❤️​

When I was standing in a socially distanced line outside the dispensary in Ayer today, a guy in a red pickup drove by, honked, and flipped us... someone... the building? off. I immediately threw my arm straight up in the arm and flipped him off back. That's my 2020 mood. I mean it probably wasn't for me but I don't wanna take any chances.

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I've been to the post office once or twice, the grocery store twice, the doctor's a few times... nothing too spectacular during quarantine but TODAY I'm going to MICHAEL'S and I have a big list so I can get it all in one trip. Omg.

Genital reveal party. It's a genital reveal party.

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artists: make a shitty version of the thing you want to make

the act of fixing your ideas to resemble something good will lead you to new revelations about your work cuz you're purposefully putting your mind into the "how do i make this work" phase in a way that's practical

Just had to contact Barnes and Noble for a refund because I accidentally bought a Nook book in Russian. Big time excitement in Sterling today. 😎​

Today I ordered a pair of sneakers on eBay, had Thai food for dinner, and now I'm hemming my shorts with rainbow thread. This is big excitement at 35 and I'm totally down with it.

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