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Last night FBook censored? messed w my Interview w A Vampire related gifs and tumblr links. I just wanted to share Louis wielding a scythe, racing through the flaming crypt as "Swinging into my bday" vibes. (Hence return here)

Hey if you feel like doing a weird good deed, my band Sapling just got nominated for a Boston Music Award for best punk/hardcore. The category feels awkward but we always end up in punk because they don't know what else to do with us hah. If you'd take a minute to vote, it'd be swell. What else do you have going on?

@davidalien Do I get a promotion since I'm the whole local timeline now?

how is everyone? I can't stop sleeping in this barometer liminal (mumble) Kundalini (mumble) moment.
surrendering however much one is?

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.
-- Oscar Wilde

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I already posted this but it was 3 years ago, maybe on .social, and I don't care, I make the rulesss.


Today a lovely person who was in my zine-making workshop in 2010? and has been my IG pal for many years stopped by socially distanced briefly w a "bag of polka dotted things I've been collecting for you." We did a porch exchange of gifts (incense & a copy of Pride+Prej from me) and I got to rock my new Lisa Frank mask. -Psychedelic gratitude entry 6 πŸ˜β€‹

Didn't get to post this last night. Brother Bones kept saying "have you watched a fractal die?" wrt my last video. and i couldn't find any YT results. Fractal death? Turns out he was saying, Fractal *DIVE. (One track-Tibetan-Buddhist-mind?) -psychedelic gratitude journal entry 4

Here is the full collage poem I have as a cover image. Oracle'd for Beltane.


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