power metal makes me want to buy another sword

really enjoying the first one fwiw

been having a lot of fun exploring the many worlds of VRChat in my evenings lately - anyone else on here ever check it out? you don't need a VR headset, the desktop version is very good... but having a VR headset definitely helps, haha

sorry tubplex, I've been quiet lately. mostly exploring my own brain and working which is the opposite of that. how's everybody?

I got my order from nuts.com and now I'm in a constant state of either eating peanut brittle or fighting off the urge to eat peanut brittle

place your bets on how long my dental work holds up

Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL. I want to go back someday... I went the last time I was visiting family out there. I'm not that well-traveled, but I've been some places.. this was one of the best.

went a little wild there and ordered two pounds of peanut brittle and a pound each of two kinds of malted milk balls

sometimes you just to buy 4 lbs of candy off of the internet. it's a normal urge.

no work tomorrow... the relief is palpable

I like the word "palpable" a lot

the most blatant goalpost-moving at work today. I can't even be mad, I have to laugh. It's pathetic. My job is pathetic. My bosses are cartoons. I can't wait until August because that's when I anticipate I'll have finally Had Enough

I still don't have many fucks to give but my ability to function has been replenished and I can do my job without wanting to cry (so far)

my hatred for the two day weekend knows no bounds

basically can't relax all Sunday because I'm anxious about Monday

I really, really, really need to quit

Have you played Opus Magnum? I'm in love with this game... just like I've been in love with every Zachtronics game I've played. The gif export feature is awesome! Even inelegant and overly complicated solutions look great!

Horizon Vanguard came out today! It supports both VR and flatscreen play. The demo was brilliant, I'm very excited to try this out in VR a little later tonight! Here are some links to the store pages if you're curious.

Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/598
Itch: tain.itch.io/horizon-vanguard

been a sad boy lately but feeling good about the weekend. got a lot of games to play and yet another model kit to work on. let's not think about work for a while

if there's an upside, my Sakura Kasugano figure came today! I wish it was one of her new Street Fighter 5 outfits but I like the classic look a lot too.

spent most of the day trying to avoid people who were inadvertently dredging up painful experiences from my past. the more I elaborate the worse it gets, so... yeah. I should probably just call it quits and go to bed but the later I stay up the farther away work feels, which is good... I don't know

Have you ever played Final Fantasy XI? It may be a very old MMORPG, older than WoW even, but it's still a very good game even in 2020. I might start playing again... right alongside my FFXIV account. youtube.com/watch?v=7WAcS-1H3B

I love that lil "plip" noise when you get a notification on desktop

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