its weird that people still think AI is gonna kill jobs when uber is basically abandoning their promises of robot cars and diving into regulatory arbitrage to underpay workers harder instead

I guess this serves as your occasional reminder that voter file data is generally just chilling out there for political parties (or anyone else) to buy, at most behind a $200 paywall or something and an agreement to only use the data for approved purposes

"Gifted kids" 


The reason "gifted kids" are so frequently fucked up is because being told over and over again that one is innately better than the other kids engenders partial traits of clinical narcissism in a person. Often these will include a chaotic boom and bust relationship with self-esteem and desire for praise. It has nothing to do with the actuality of being "smart" it's just toxic socialization.

Have a good day!

trans life mention jkr 

and like.. i think a lot about the scene in Pose where Angel tells the christmas story where as a kid she stole red pumps from the department store and tried to smuggle them home in front of her parents.

that seems incredibly natural to me, hitting a lot of similar notes, and i dont think is an uncommon aspect to trans girls' closeted lives.

I noticed it turned up as a trope again with JKR's "not trans" serial killer and the guardian ended up defending the book by pointing to the fact the killer steals / hides women's clothing/jewelry to wear and worship as evidence of his definitely an evil one and not at all anything to do with trans.

Like you literally just described a closeted trans woman's behaviour and hung "because he murders women" to the end of it.

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if people genuinely believe that a fascist is in power, or that power is within a fascist's grasp, the rigorously correct moral choice is not to vote against whoever is most likely to defeat the fascist. the rigorously correct moral choice is to shoot the fascist with a gun

Things you didn’t realize were racist horseshit #28472: Music Theory

Ireland's lacrosse team withdrew from an international tournament to give their slot to the Iroquois National's team to play in the tournament instead.

Lacrosse, as you may or may not know, began as a ceremonial sport played by Native American and First Nations tribes (I believe it belonged largely to the Haudenosaunee/ Iroquois Confederacy), and was at one time deeply spiritual but has been soundly ripped away from its roots and its people.

"Its simply the right thing to do," they say.

My toxic trait is that I judge the revolutionary potential of people by the number of corporate accounts they "like" on fb.

we walked around and looked at houses and it's like "damn i wish i had a million dollars i guess i'll just rent forever and die oh well"

I now have a bathroom cis boys won’t use daily so of course the first thing I do is install a bidet.

you ever just want to murder everyone whose job description includes the words "national security"?

because holy shit they are evil and the world would be better off without them

Fuck. Yes. I hope they win.

[a group of Black Tulsa residents, including a 105 year old survivor of the Black Wall Street massacre, are suing for reparations.]

Remember fascism? That shit was crazy. Luckily joe biden put a stop to it back in 2021

twitter repost, WFH 

> Someone said we’re not working from home, we’re LIVING AT WORK and I—

as someone who's been WFH for several years now: yes. :blobcatsad:

US anti-communist propaganda: the commies will kick down your door and nationalize your toothbrush

communist anti-US propaganda: the cops are white supremacists

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