Jessica Simpson was right, weed culture needs a makeover.

My favorite yogurt/ice cream spoon was in my dream last night and I accidentally threw it out. That’s all I remember.

While surrendering my time and agency is a familiar feeling, I’ll never get used to it. Reusing old coping mechanisms feels like a chore, more and more escape to the unknown entices me. The World, however, is not offering any new horizons at this time. Time to reread Purgatorio I suppose.

I could see a kind of therapy where you have to get closer and closer to Tom Green and then eventually touch him.

Y r Papadias just a pizza folded in half?

Doing some thinking about how events are handled in FB and honestly I kinda feel like the attending/interested aspect and separate pages for events and inviting was actually a whole shitshow and could def be simplified and rethought with an emphasis on organic networking and sharing of art. Thoughts?

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